C4: ClimateYouthsPV Train-the-Youth Learners in Germany

The workshop took a place in Berlin (Germany) from the 2nd till the 6th of Mai 2022. For 5 days of the training, 13 young learners went through the creative learning process and learnt how to produce a Participatory Video. The workshop used the approach of learning by doing, and experiential learning and each one teaches one methodology. Comparative Research Network has been involved in the training of 4 trainers and 3 young learners.

The first day was dedicated to the topic of climate change only. Using a variety of methods that were interesting and dedicated to young people, such as an excursion, a quiz, and a visit to the Futurium, the trainees explored the problems that lead us to climate change. Then the idea of the participatory video was introduced at the beginning of the second day. After it, they learned what is storytelling, which kinds of heroes are coming in different kinds of stories and how to create a storyboard. Everybody created their own short story and storyboard in 6 scenes. That day was closed with an introduction to video making and editing following the methodology of using their own devices, programs, and apps. On the third day, participants were divided into 3 international groups – in each group, there was one participant from each partner and country. During those days they started to work together in mixed groups. They discovered together one place in Berlin dedicated to the circular economy, urban farming and new usage of spaces or conscious consumption. CRN used for that method of city safari. The whole journey was documented by collecting photos, videos, and audio materials. The fourth day was dedicated to the common creation of group videos including storyboard, video making and editing. On Friday they worked on message building and started with the exercise on Loesje message posters. Young learners produced 15 of them. They worked together in their groups on 3 action plans for social media and other channels for dissemination campaigns. On the last day of training, the first version of the short videos have been ready and presented. Each group choose another topic and showed what we can do as a person against climate change. They have been reviewed and evaluated as the whole workshop.

Young learners worked independently on producing participatory videos on climate change issues. Through mixed groups, they learned from another young people from 3 different countries and as well discuss what is happening in Cyprus, Greece, Germany, and Spain to fight climate change.

In June 2022 we have started to share the results of that workshop on the Facebook account of the project and on our own channels of dissemination (partners and private channels of the participants) to promote youth participation in public awareness and active citizenship to empower people to engage in environmental governance, including climate change governance.

Results of the training:

  • Increasing different skills of participants (intercultural cooperation, language skills – English and German, storytelling and storyboarding, video creation and editing, campaign building including Loesje poster methods).
  • 3 participatory videos
  • 15 Loesje message posters
  • 3 action plans with message campaigns