C2: ClimateYouthsPV Train-the-Youth Workers on participatory video production processes in Greece

This activity was a 5-day training event organised by E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP and aimed at the increase of the range of teaching abilities of the youth workers, with a set of skills sorely needed by the youth learners regarding participatory video production processes. At the end of the course, the participants:

  • explored opportunities of how video messages and films can play in bringing change for the good of societies
  • learned how to direct short videos and contents
  • developed a PV project and film it
  • used proper software (DaVinci Resolve) to edit, modify, and add music and effects to their video
  • learned ways to disseminate their PVs to influence and participate directly in efforts to learn about, prevent, prepare for, cope with and adapt to climate change.

The profile of the participants was:

– Youth workers who either already work in the field of youth and want to upgrade their training methodology with aspects of empowering youths to take action on climate change, through engaging them in motivating and creative practices (PV) in order to communicate their messages and perspectives to decision-makers and the public.

The training took place in Greece from 22 to 26 November 2021 and was attended by 11 Youth workers from Germany, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. The Youth workers were selected by partners through a call on their website and interview in order to see their level of experience in youth training. As a pre-requirement was that participants understood and were able to work in the English language, were open to learning, were collaborative and demonstrated motivation to take part in the transnational activity.

All participants received a certificate of attendance.

After the completion of the “train the trainers” workshop all partners provided their feedback on the quality of the content and the structure of the training methodology and curriculum (an evaluation questionnaire was administered to all partners).