Final Transnational Project Meeting in Berlin, Germany

The second, and final, transnational meeting of our project “Climate Youths PV” took place in Berlin, Germany, on the 2nd and the 3rd of June 2022. The meeting served to bring all project partners together and discuss the progress of the project, the activities that were implemented and the closing of the project, as it is coming to its end in June 2022.

At the beginning of the meeting, an overview of all the activities was presented along with the evaluation of the trainings which took place in all project partners’ countries. Then the partnership discussed about the quality of the project results, the dissemination activities implemented so far and to be implemented as well as the impact of the project and how the partnership will utilize the project’s results in their future activities and after the end of the project. Finally, the partnership discussed about the development of the final report to be submitted to National Agency in Cyprus and also about the final activity of the project, the promotional campaign on social media, that will aim to defuse the results of the project at local, national and EU level.

Watch the Participatory Videos that were produced by the participants of the trainings on the project’s YouTube channel at this link