Start of the project

The kick-off meeting of the EU funded project “Climate Youths: Youth-Centred Participatory Video Production as a Tool for Empowering Young People to Tackle Climate Change” was implemented on the 20th of January, 2021. The meeting took place online, due to Covid-19 restrictions, with all partners contributing in their area(s) of responsibility.

Climate Youths project will utilise Participatory Videos as the method to facilitate young people’s access and understanding of climate change while empowering them to take action on the topic. Through this project, 4 organisations from different EU countries will implement a series of training activities focused on fighting against climate change by contributing to the 13th Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations.

The project is an international synergy between 4 European organisations, namely:

The project is funded by Erasmus+, the program of the European Commission promoting the development of education in Europe, and is focused on designing training contents and methodologies that promote social media literacy and assist trainers in their teaching of relevant subjects.

You can download the first press release here: Press release 1


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